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GNX: Ethereum Smart Contracts Developer Needed

Position: Technical Developer

Location: New York City, Philadelphia or Washington D.C.

Compensation: Grants and funding (negotiable as current funding is available but limited)

Requirement: Enrolled in a part-time or full-time university/college (undergraduate or graduate)

Please note that GNX is based out of Philadelphia, PA

GNX is looking for an individual with an Ethereum smart contract experience, the individual will help us translate economic models and algorithms into a small scale smart contract. The contact will be used as a prototype in order to show potential funders and venture capitalists the relevancy and applicability of our project.


- Write basic/small scale Ethereum smart contract in order for us to use during funding requests or grant applications.

- Use the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to test and run smart contracts.

- Basic understanding of Solidity and Truffle.

Resume and Github profile should be submitted to:

Additional information can be provided by contacting our team at the same e-mail address.

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